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About Us

Kutumba is an Entitlement Management System which is being developed into an Integrated Social Information System (SIIS) which consists of a social registry, integrated beneficiary management systems, beneficiary registry, payment platform and a grievance redressal system. The project aims to achieve suo-moto delivery of benefits and services by checking entitlement, identifying eligible residents and thereafter sanction/approve the service or scheme.  

Kutumba uses the data as available in various department databases. Kutumba ID will enable residents to check their entitlement and eligibility and apply for schemes. Kutumba ID when provided will fetch the data for eligibility criteria like caste, income certificate, land holding, specially abled without the requirement of submission of documents or the registration numbers. This simplifies the process of application for the residents.

Kutumba Project aims to provide unique identity to resident families of Karnataka and serve as a repository of the resident attributes to enable them to avail seamless services and benefits from Government of Karnataka. Kutumba project is implemented by the Centre for e-Governance, Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms (e-Governance), Government of Karnataka.

 a.       What is Kutumba ID?

Kutumba ID is the single identifier of resident families and its members in Karnataka. The Kutumba database also serves as a centralized repository of resident attributes that are required by departments to determine the applicants’ eligibility and extend their benefits.

b.    Why Kutumba ID is required? 

Citizens interact with the Government on a regular basis, through online and offline mechanisms. Currently, online mechanisms require citizens to fill forms, upload various documents which are then manually verified by government officials. Further, the citizens have to submit the same documents time and again to other departments for availing other services. 

In order to make these services easy and seamless, the Government of Karnataka has conceptualized and designed a unique identifier, Kutumba ID, for each family and its members in the State. Kutumba reduces the need for manual intervention in various activities like eligibility check, documentation, record-keeping, and disbursement of benefits. It further eliminates the need of asking documents and certificates from residents repeatedly by different Departments.

c.    How can residents self-enroll in Family ID through Kutumba?

Residents can access Kutumba website at https://kutumba.karnataka.gov.in and redirect to Kutumba services portal and login to apply online for Kutumba ID.

Step 1 - Login through Aadhaar OTP

Step 2 - Enter details of Applicant

Step 3-  Add all members of the family

Step 4 - Provide the parent and/or spouse details of all the members

Step 5 - Declare a member as Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) and

Step 6 - Final submission - get temporary Kutumba ID instantly.

d.    Can residents apply for schemes/services using the Temporary ID?

Yes, the temporary Kutumba ID can be used to apply for schemes or services. After verification and approval the ID is made permanent. Permanent ID is mandatory for sanction of benefits.

For more details about Kutumba, check the FAQs section.




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